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    IMEUSbiz ASSETS+ addresses the assets management of the business with depreciation. Printing of asset tags, location and transfter management. Wireless tracking options.

  • CRM+

    IMEUSbiz CRM+ supports realtime sales team and customer relations management using cloud and Internet geoLocation technologies on mobile wireless computing devices.


    IMEUSbiz CUSTOMER PORTAL+ interfaces customers to organization with regards to account details, self-order, view quotations and announcements.


    IMEUSbiz DASHBOARD+ presents graphical information formats as charts and graphs in support of quality executive business and enterprise decision making processes.


    IMEUSbiz EMPLOYEE PORTAL+ to provide businesses with the option to create for each employee an online web based Portal for realtime connectivity and communication.

  • eSIGN+

    IMEUSbiz eSIGN+ for the digital signing of purchase orders, delivery orders and order confirmation on mobile devices; tablet PCs and mobile phones as part of digital documentation.


    IMEUSbiz FINANCIAL+ provides for the Accounts Receivable (AR), Accounts Payable (AP), Purchase Orders, Invoicing and Statement generation.


    IMEUSbiz HELPDESK+ is online text HelpDesk support provided free-of-charge to Users of IMEUSbiz systems to include FAQ and User Guide video files inside.

  • HRM+

    IMEUSbiz HRM+ addresses the human resource management requirements with Payroll, Overtime, Attendance, Leave and Claims features. CPF, EPF, SOCSO ready.


    IMEUSbiz INVENTORY+ for comprehensive management of products and services. New and existing products. Multiple costing features to include Activity Based Costing.


    IMEUSbiz LOGISTICS+ for management of the organization supply chain that plans, implements and controls the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods and services.

  • POS+

    IMEUSbiz POS+ enjoys mobile wireless advantages to include connectivity with wireless receipt printers and online soft copy receipts as appropriate.


    IMEUSbiz PROCUREMENT+ provides a comprehensive process in purchasing and receiving of goods and services from suppliers;identifying, acquiring and managing.


    IMEUSbiz SETTINGS+ comprehensively provides for system setup of the entire system to include user access levels, user defined parameters and configurations.


    IMEUSbiz VENDOR+ connects enterprise online to vendors and suppliers automating realtime connectivity saving time, lowers cost and facilitates vendor support services.


    IMEUSbiz WAREHOUSING+ management features multi-storage location with flexible user defined descript and configuration.

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